Annual Report 2016

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Business Reviews

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We have identified Biomass supply as a strategic requirement in the transition away from peat based energy supply.

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The Powergen business develops and operates a portfolio of thermal and renewable assets, generating 1.2 terrawatt hours (“TWh”) of electricity which it sells to the wholesale market.

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Resource Recovery

Bord na Móna Resource Recovery is an integrated waste management business providing a collection service, recycling, composting and residual landfill disposal of all non-hazardous waste streams arising from both commercial and domestic sources.

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The Peat business supplies milled peat to Bord na Móna’s Edenderry power plant and the two ESB power plants, Lough Ree Power and West Offaly Power. The business also supplies peat to the Horticulture and Fuels businesses for the manufacture of growing media products for the professional and retail markets and peat briquettes.

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The Horticulture business is focused on the marketing and sales of growing media and other horticultural products to Irish and UK retail markets and professional markets primarily in Ireland, the UK and Europe, providing innovative product and supply solutions to meet customer needs.

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Bord na Móna is the leading manufacturer and distributor of solid fuel products within the residential heating market in Ireland and continues to maintain its No.1 Brand position in the Irish market.

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