Annual Report 2016

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Business Reviews


The Horticulture business is focused on the marketing and sales of growing media and other horticultural products to Irish and UK retail markets and professional markets primarily in Ireland, the UK and Europe, providing innovative product and supply solutions to meet customer needs. The business exports growing media products to over 30 countries. Our goal is to become the leading supplier in the markets that we serve.

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€58.9m Turnover
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1 in 4 UK gardeners use Bord na Móna products
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Export to 32 countries
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FY16 at a glance

The business secured a three year supply contract with the UK’s largest garden centre group;

The “Bord na Móna Growise” brand achieved 20% growth in the UK market;

Continued focus on developing new markets for our professional products saw growth in sales to customers in China and Taiwan;

The business continued its strong partnership with B&Q, across the UK and Ireland; and,

A process to optimise the retail supply chain was initiated with a view to achieving reduced manufacturing and distribution costs with the improved ability to fulfil the needs of our customers.

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We believe that the Horticulture market, both professional and retail sectors, offers attractive future growth potential for Bord na Móna. In the professional sector this will be achieved by working closely with our customers to develop and introduce new products based on our unique high quality peat resources. We are also actively exploring and entering new geographic markets. In the retail sector, growth will be achieved both organically and through targeted acquisitions in existing and new product categories. In addition, in FY17 we will continue to focus on optimising our supply chain.

Gerry O’Hagan, Head of Horticulture