Annual Report 2016

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Business Reviews

Resource Recovery

Bord na Móna Resource Recovery is an integrated waste management business providing a collection service, recycling, composting and residual landfill disposal of all non-hazardous waste streams arising from both commercial and domestic sources. The growth and development of this business is a key strategic imperative in Bord na Móna’s ambition to develop as a sustainable Group into the future.

Waste collection services operate under the AES brand, providing domestic waste management throughout the Midlands, North East, South East and Mid-West regions to over 103,000 customers and providing commercial waste management to a further 4,000 customers nationwide. The business also operates the Drehid waste management facility, in Co. Kildare. Further development at Drehid will allow Bord na Móna to provide a strategically located sustainable recovery facility helping to fulfil Government policy in relation to the responsible treatment of waste. This, combined with the continued development and growth of the AES waste collection business, will ensure Bord na Móna becomes the leading Resource Recovery operator on the island of Ireland.

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€95.5m Turnover
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73% landfill diversion
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1 m tonnes processed
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107,000 customers
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FY16 at a glance

AES consolidated its position as the leading operator in the Midlands during FY16;

January 2016 saw the Drehid waste management facility licensed capacity for disposal decreased from 360,000 tonnes per annum to 120,000 tonnes, as expected;

The business continued to focus on achieving cost efficiencies through route optimisation on domestic collection routes;

The business has been preparing for the introduction of “Pay by Weight” for domestic customers.

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The effective date for the introduction of Pay By Weight has been postponed for one year following Government intervention. The forthcoming year will see the closer integration of the AES and Bord na Móna brands. The Bord na Móna brand will add strength of reputation and increased trust to the AES brand and customer base. Drehid waste management facility will move towards the processing of more sustainable waste streams. We are confident that the operating performance of our business can be maintained through excellent customer service, ongoing engagement, communications and transparency with our customers.

Ciaran Brady, Head of Resource Recovery