Annual Report 2016

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Consolidated Income Statement

for the year ended 30 March 2016

Note30 March 2016
25 March 2015
Continuing Operations   
Cost of sales (295,851)(272,430)
Gross profit 136,969134,291
Other income78,04415,005
Distribution expenses (32,387)(30,541)
Administrative expenses (excluding exceptional items) (54,027)(49,188)
Exceptional items   
Impairment of tangible assets7 & 10(23,643)-
Impairment of intangible assets7 & 12(847)-
Restructuring costs7 & 18(7,259)-
Pension past service curtailment gain7 & 2610,700-
Administration expenses (including exceptional items) (75,076)(49,188)
Operating profit 37,55069,567
Finance income84,7613,085
Finance costs8(19,652)(15,837)
Net finance costs (14,891)(12,752)
Share of loss of joint ventures14(442)(382)
Profit before tax 22,21756,433
Income tax expense9(5,828)(13,882)
Profit from continuing operations 16,38942,551
Discontinued operations   
Gain/(loss) from discontinued operations, net of tax22893(7,505)
Profit for the year 17,28235,046
Profit attributable to:   
Owners of the Company 17,22835,016
Non-controlling interests 5430

The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements