Annual Report 2016

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Corporate Social Responsiblity

Sustainability is the heartbeat of our business. It means developing businesses that deliver long term profitability in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner that ensures the future of Bord na Móna.


Bord na Móna recognises it has a responsibility for the impact its operations have on Biodiversity and must seek to mitigate these impacts. We are privileged to have been given stewardship of a significant area of Ireland’s peatlands and because of our intimate appreciation of the bogs, we understand that their future treatment has to be carefully managed through implementing a rehabilitation plan.

Consistent with this approach, we developed the Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015 following detailed consultation with interested stakeholders, including local authorities, NGOs, relevant experts in universities and other organisations such as Coillte, NPWS, etc. We were the first corporate or State Commercial organisation to publish such a plan. We committed to specific objectives and reported annually to stakeholders on progress.

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Incorporation of biodiversity and ecology into the decision making processes and daily operations of Bord na Móna.

Key achievements between 2010 and 2015 include:

Building on the success of the first plan, we published the Biodiversity Action Plan 2016-2021, after a detailed consultation with stakeholders. The new plan sets out actions, including:

We are fully committed to this Plan and achieving the objectives set out and will report to stakeholders on our progress as for the earlier Plan.



Barretstown – Lough Boora events

“Barretstown is delighted to have been chosen as the charity partner for the annual Lough Boora Family Day. We have been the beneficiaries of this fantastic day for the past four years and the money raised does make a real difference to us. We must raise over €4.8 million each year to provide our services which are free of charge to children and their parents. Over the coming years, we would like to extend our camp to cater for more illness groups, to expand the camp calendar right through the winter months and, most importantly, to reduce our waiting lists. It’s through partnerships like this that we can do just that. The collaboration with Bord na Móna has been the perfect fit for us – a ‘seriously fun’ family day out that encapsulates exactly what our organisation is – one with family and community at its heart.”

Crumlin – AES

“Children’s Medical & Research Foundation (CMRF) Crumlin is so grateful to be partnering with AES Bord na Móna once again this year. In 2014, AES Bord na Móna donated €50,000 to CMRF Crumlin through the charity partnership which directly benefited St. John’s Ward in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. This generous donation helped us to fully upgrade the oncology unit with state-of-the-art equipment, en-suite bedrooms, a new parents’ kitchen and teenage den, all of which makes a huge difference to our little cancer patients and their families who are going through an incredibly difficult time. In 2016, the donations from online payments by AES Bord na Móna customers will go towards the upgrade of our Outpatients Department. This part of Crumlin Children’s Hospital is 60 years old and desperately needs to be updated.

AES Bord Na Mona’s charity partnership is a fantastic initiative, enabling the company and customers across Ireland make a real and tangible positive impact together. On behalf of everyone here in Crumlin, I would like to thank AES Bord na Móna for choosing to support CMRF Crumlin in 2016. CMRF Crumlin is driven by its belief that every sick child deserves every chance and your continuous support will help us on our mission to improve healthcare for this and future generations of sick children.”

Mary McGrane - Children’s Medical & Research Foundation


Bord na Móna Eco Rangers pilot

“Eco Rangers: Guardians of the land made the children more aware of their local surroundings”

Michelle Doherty, Leixlip Girls N.S.

Secondary School's Biodiversity project supported by Bord na Móna

“In today’s consumer driven world we tend to overlook the damage we are causing to our ecosystems which make it all the more remarkable that 3 teenage girls from Athlone Community College had the insight and interest to pursue an in-depth study comparing CO2 emissions and botanical compositions of drained versus re-wetted bogs. In January at the BT young scientist exhibition they took first place in their category of biological sciences and also took the overall EPA award. The group also won the senior category at the SEAI one good idea competition in May.  The girls gained invaluable expertise in the areas of field research, analysis of field data, identification of plant species and most importantly the value peatlands play in regulating our ecosystems.”

Leo Smith, Athlone Community College



“Mountlucas Community Gain Scheme has greatly benefited our club. In 2015 we received €1,000 with which we purchased our Timing Clock, this has helped increase our membership as we have loaned the clock to local fundraising 5ks which attracted new members. In 2015 we ran a very successful couch to 5k run in the Mountlucas Windfarm and launched our Clock at this event. Club members use the Wind Farm for training and enjoy running there due to the safety and peaceful nature of the area. Our members benefit from the layout of walk ways as the distances of the routes are measured and displayed on maps in various points on the walk ways. In 2016 we received another €1,000 which we used to buy a Timing Clicker , this will be used for our 5k events and it eliminates the need to hire from outside companies which are costly.

Overall our members appreciate the facility they have on their doorstep and look forward to continued enjoyment of the Mountlucas Wind Farm for them and future generations.”

Naomh Mhuire Athletics Club, Daingean

Community partnerships


“The support the Park has received from Bord na Móna in recent years has been essential in helping us establish Lullymore as a flagship tourist destination in the midlands.

Lullymore played a central role in the early industrialisation of Peatlands and this dramatically changed the socio-economic history of our midland region. Bord na Móna have assisted us in terms of a long term lease of cutaway Peatland adjacent to the Park, ongoing support for our biodiversity and industrial heritage projects and with monetary funding though the Drehid Community Grant.

This has greatly assisted us in bringing the unique history of the local people and the peatlands surrounding Lullymore to life - this is our story to tell and now we can tell it better than ever before.”

Ray Stapleton, General Manager, Lullymore Heritage Park

Energy Efficiency

Overview of Bord na Móna Energy Usage in the calendar year 2015

Of the energy consumption reported to SEAI for 2015, the main total primary energy consumed by category was electricity, road diesel and gas oil. This reflects the core functions of the activities that are required to be reported on annually – we have a significant road fleet between transporting peat and collecting waste, we use gas oil in our harvesting of peat, and electricity is consumed across more than 160 locations.

In 2015, Bord na Móna reported as a public sector body the following energy data usage:

Actions Undertaken in 2015

In 2015 Bord na Móna undertook a range of initiatives to improve our energy performance, including:

These energy saving measures are enabling Bord na Móna to stay on track with our drive to comply with the Public Sector 2020 target.

Actions Planned for the calendar year 2016

In 2016 and beyond, Bord na Móna intends to further improve energy performance by undertaking the following initiatives:

Bord na Móna & Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS)

The Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) places obligations on energy suppliers to achieve specific annual energy savings targets across the residential, commercial and energy poverty sectors. This obligation applies to Bord na Móna and is separate to the Public Sector Reporting requirement. The first phase of this obligation is for a three year period from 2014 to 2016 inclusive, with cumulative annual targets applying.

Bord na Móna fully complied with its obligations under EEOS by achieving more than the Scheme’s threshold 75% cumulative target for 2014 and 2015. We continue to work to reach the Scheme’s 90% cumulative target for the three year 2014 to 2016 period.

Our People


Bord na Móna strives to attract, motivate and retain the best people. Our success since establishment has been built on a legacy of hard work, loyalty, and the innovative nature of our employees. We know that developing our people is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and to achieving growth over the long term.

Bord na Móna fosters a progressive culture with empowered managers leading committed capable people, all focused on delivering the Group strategy.

We invest in the development of our employees through initiatives such as our Education Support Scheme, Graduate programme and our new Mentoring Scheme sponsored by the Managing Director.

As a result of employee feedback, we introduced in April 2016, a new employee recognition scheme. Our Naturally Driven Recognition Awards recognise employees who actively promote and display our core values, “Resourceful, Respectful, Engaging” in their day-to-day work. We also acknowledge employees who completed 35 years’ service through the Long Service Awards scheme, with 52 employees receiving awards in November 2015.

We conduct an annual employee engagement survey, the latest of which shows improvement in the engagement levels of our employees, including a significant increase in the level of commitment to the organisation. While these results are positive, we are focussed on the need to continuously improve in this area.

Following extensive discussions with employee representatives during 2015, which were facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission, agreement was reached in early 2016 on a series of significant transformational initiatives. An outstanding pay claim was also addressed satisfactorily. The agreement provides a strong platform for managing the challenges facing the Company.

Bord na Móna places a strong emphasis on the Health and Wellbeing of employees, offering a variety of programmes including an Employee Assistance Programme, a Health Screening Programme and Pension entitlement information sessions.

Health & Safety

Bord na Móna is fully committed to protecting the health and safety of employees, contractors, visitors, customers and members of the public interacting with the Company.

We believe that all operational processes should be designed and operated in an inherently safe manner and with over 2,000 employees nationwide, keeping people safe is a high priority.

The Group fosters a safety culture and employs special expertise, together with continuous staff training and robust monitoring procedures, to ensure full compliance with health and safety obligations.

Jim Stockwell – Head of Human Resources