Annual Report 2016

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12. Intangible Assets


Assets under constructionSoftwareGrid ConnectionOtherTotal
At beginning of the year5,98817,41122,49887,536133,433
Transfers from assets under construction(9,802)9,802---
Settlement of emission allowances---(4,115)(4,115)
At end of the year6,10527,29022,50888,016143,919
Amortisation and impairment
At beginning of the year-14,2984,75578,89497,947
Charge for year-1,4581,0551,8334,346
At end of the year-15,4836,54580,197102,225
Carrying amounts
At 30 March 20166,10511,80715,9637,81941,694
At 25 March 20155,9883,11317,7438,64235,486

In accordance with the Group’s accounting policies the directors undertake an annual review of the carrying amount of all intangible assets to determine whether there is any indication of impairment.

During the year the directors impaired Grid Connection and Software cost by €847,000 (2015: nil) due to market changes in the energy sector. (See note 10).

Transfers from assets under construction includes the transfer of IT applications which became operational during the year. The balance at year-end represents partly constructed IT applications.

Other includes investments in customer lists and carbon emission credits. Emission allowances purchased are recorded at cost as an intangible asset and are not amortised. Upon settlement of emission liabilities the credits are released from intangible assets.


Assets under constructionSoftwareGrid ConnectionOtherTotal
At beginning of the year9,31816,3389,83782,598118,091
Transfers from assets under construction(13,506)84512,661--
Settlement of emission allowances---(2,902)(2,902)
Exchange adjustment-15--15
Amortisation and impairment
At beginning of the year-13,3973,96077,15794,514
Charge for year-8827951,7373,414
Exchange adjustment-13--13
Carrying amounts