Annual Report 2016

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22. Discontinued operations

In the year ended 25 March 2015, the Group undertook a strategic review of the Anua-Environmental operations in Ireland, United Kingdom and United States. Arising from review, the directors made a decision to arrange for the orderly wind-up of the operations in the three business units. The termination was completed in March and April 2015.

30 March 2016
25 March 2015
A. Results of discontinued operation
Cost of Sales-(9,725)
Gross Profit-937
Income Tax(94)289
Results from operating activities, net of tax893(2,868)
Profit/(loss) on Termination-(4,637)
Profit/(loss) from discontinued operation net of tax893(7,505)
B. Cash flows from (used in) discontinued operation
Net cash used in operating activities893(7,062)
Net cash from investing activities-20,122
Net flow cash for the year89313,060
C .Effect of disposal on the financial position of the Group
Property, plant and equipment-169
Trade and other receivables-1,347
Cash and cash equivalents-624
Trade and other payables893(17,991)
Net Liabilities893(13,060)
Consideration received, satisfied in cash--