Annual Report 2016

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33. (C) Property plant & equipment

Bogland, drainage and production buildingsRailways, plant and MachineryFreehold Land, adminand research buildingsAssets under constructionTotal
At Cost
At beginning of the financial year5591,3476,9122,34311,161
Additions at cost-2806836461,609
Transfer out of assets under construction-1,4431,556(2,989)-
At end of the financial year5592,8769,297-12,732
Accumulated depreciation
At beginning of the financial year-1,1404,142-5,282
Charge for the year-428463-891
At end of the financial year-2,3863,584-5,970
Carrying amount
At 30 March 20165592072,7702,3435,879
At 25 March 20155594905,713-6,762