Annual Report 2016

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4. Employee Benefit expenses

The average number of persons employed by the Group during the year, analysed by category:

30 March 201625 March 2015
Manufacturing and production1,3821,438
Peak employment2,2402,336

The aggregated payroll costs of these persons were as follows:

30 March 2016
25 March 2015
Wages and salaries92,36896,842
Social security costs9,45610,216
Pension costs (defined contribution)9191,277
Pension costs (defined benefit)3,0712,308
Redundancy costs6,372172
Staff costs capitalised(1,769)(808)
Past pension service credit(10,700)-
Net staff costs99,717110,007

During the year, the Group implemented a restructuring of the General Employee Superannuation Scheme that triggered a past service credit of €10.7 million recognised in the income statement. The restructuring included:

(i) a freeze on salaries for pensionable salaries to 1 April 2016;

(ii) a capping of pensionable salaries from the 2 April 2016 to 1 November 2023 at the lower of price inflation, actual salary increase or 2% per annum;

(iii) a reduction in pensions of existing pensions-in-payment; and

(iv) a reduction in the benefits of deferred pensions of up to 10%.