Annual Report 2016

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Strategy Statement

We are committed to optimising value - economic, social and environmental - from our natural resources. This will be achieved through ongoing transformation and driving sustainable growth across core businesses for the benefit of our key stakeholders including: shareholders, customers, employees and the communities we serve.

Strategy Overview

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Corporate Values

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Driven naturally by our curiosity for seeing the possibilities in everything around us and imagining the possibilities for the future – we believe in using our natural resourcefulness to deliver ever more efficient solutions.

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We believe in our people. We believe in a One team ethos driving our business forward, speaking in consistent voice and opening up dialogues with customers and communities on many different levels.

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Experience has taught us that only through a greater understanding of our natural resources can we seek to offer more sustainable solutions to all who engage with us. We listen to planet and people, in equal measure to offer more sustainable solutions to all.

Transitioning the Businesses

We have ambitious goals in Bord na Móna but we face challenges in all our business to transform over the next decade in order to achieve these goals. We are moving increasingly to biomass, renewable fuels, renewable electricity generation and waste recovery.

There will be many challenges on this journey – both regulatory and market, some we know now, some we will encounter. We will adapt to these changes as an agile and dynamic organisation and build on our core assets of Landbank and Brand & Reputation.

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